Single release: Upside Down Town

Now available on all streaming platforms:

Take It Slow – single out now

It has been postponed a number of times, but now it has finally been released: My single Take It Slow is out now on all streaming platforms, you can find it here. Below is the promo-video featuring the english version.

Disaster strikes

Last week, my rehearsal place burned down to the ground – I have lost all of my equipment. It is a chocking incident, and I am still in the process of realizing what actually happened. I have just finished recording and mixing some songs and I was planning on doing a professionally cut music video and release a single within the next month, but plans have changed now 🙁 I will need to sort things out with the insurance, find a new rehearsal place and put together a new line of gear. This will probably take a couple of months. In the meantime, I will try to stay positive and creative and will be working on my performance and new material with the means at my disposal. Hope everyone’s having a great day out there.

New video added

Check out my latest video from the lab, Waving At You, in the video-section

Poetic loops

Exploring a new format this upcoming Friday when I join forces with poetry slammer Frank Langmack on stage in Huset, Copenhagen

Body hacking, beat smashing

Street Show on October 13th 2018 – full video

Show @ Drop In

I will be doing a show at Drop In in downtown Copenhagen next week on Tuesdy the 25th of September at around 21 hrs. Free entrance. Hope to see you there…

Bucket struggle

Had a struggle with the bucket I use for collecting change during my street show the other day….

Gig @ Bar50

I will be performing at Bar50 in Copenhagen on May 25 at 21 hrs.  Hope to see you there. For additional info check out the Facebook eventpage here.